About Us

We are Sydney-based online retail store distributing high quality sports and fitness supplements. Athlean was created to provide the market with affordable and quality products originating from Australia.

To date, the market is flooded with big names and over-priced supplements. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts deserve to have peace of mind and product affordability when choosing their next supplement. We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our products but are also widely known as producing some of the best tasting supplements that are available on the Australian market.


Our Vision:
To inspire fitness and wellbeing and become a lifelong partner with those making a change.

Our Mission:
We strive to achieve this vision by offering supplements made with honest, quality ingredients at low prices so more people can afford them and partner with us on their journey towards fitness & wellbeing.


We have sourced the finest ingredients to provide the consumer with reputable supplements at wholesale prices. From whey protein to amino acids and pre-workout we are able to fuel every type of athlete.

We also sell wholesale and are more than accommodating to retailers and gyms, email info@athlean.com.au for more information. Likewise if you are a social media influencer or would like to become a brand ambassador, don't be shy and get in contact!